My Research Assistant

This is a picture of my cat “Boots.”  She turned up on my doorstep just before my Mom, whose name was Rose, passed away.  I named the ROSE Lab in her honour and Boots became my companion.  My cat is quite furry, and in spite of the heat  she loves to sun and ground herself on the granite in the back yard.

During my research, I’ve found that this cat loves to jump up and join me when I treat myself with pulsed electromagnetic fields.  I hear the same story from my friends who have pets – they love to have treatments too.  So while I experiment on myself, I’ve found the perfect research assistant who also enjoys the therapy.

My Research Associate










Sheena Symington (B.Sc., M.A.) is my Research Associate and we do research together on electrohypersensitivity, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and electromagnetic hygiene.  Sheena   is also  Director of the Electrosensitive Society (ESS) ( and has a background in biological and environmental sciences.  As Director she provides educational materials for patients and doctors and also helps patients receive accommodations in hospitals for their electrohypersensitivity.  She also gives talks related to electromagnetic hygiene and electromagnetic pollution and has provided training sessions for those in the healthcare profession.  She is a Member of the Well Earth Collaborative (WEC) ( that provides comprehensive, multifaceted education and support for patients living with environmentally-linked chronic complex conditions.  Sheena has completed her Level 1 Training in Internal Family Systems (IFS); she has level 1 Reiki; and is a qualified trainer for Auricular ChromoTherapy that is used to treat anxiety and trauma.  If you would like to book a session with Sheena or if you would like to be trained in this Auricular ChromoTherapy, please contact her  at [email protected].