Stunted plant growth

In this photograph, the peas on the left were exposed to microwave radiation from a Wi-Fi base station that was placed close to the plants in a shielded room.  The control peas on the right were grown in a low EMR (electromagnetic radiation) room and grew naturally. The exposed peas had stunted roots and stunted above ground growth within a few weeks of exposure.  The longer the exposure the more severe the effects.   This experiment shows that while the peas germinated, they did not grow well when exposed to microwave radiation generated by a Wi-Fi base station in close proximity.  The research document is available for free.

Havas, M and MS Symington.  2016.  Effects of Wi-Fi Radiation on Germination and Growth of Broccoli, Pea, Red Clover and Garden Cress Seedlings: A Partial Replication Study.  Current Chemical Biology 10(1):  65–73.

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