Seqex Med

Seqex is manufactured in Italy and is licenced by Health Canada to treat inflammation, increase microcirculation  and reduce pain.  Seqex differs from other PEMF devices in that the Med model determines through impedance what frequencies your body requires.   In this regard it is similar to ONDAMED although the determination is done by the technology rather than by a technician and as such is not subject to human error.  Seqex has multiple wave forms, frequencies, intensities and can be programmed to help promote relaxation or to energize the body.  It has cards for brain wave frequencies including Delta (0.5 to 4 Hz) for deep sleep; Theta (4 to 8 Hz) for drowsiness; Alpha (8 to 14 Hz) for relaxed alertness to Beta (14 Hz to 30 Hz) for highly alert and focused.  Doctors in Italy use Seqex in combination with cancer therapy to minimize side effects of chemo and radiation and to promote healing after surgery.  Also in Italy, Seqex is use by patients with multiple sclerosis in a government funded program.

For more information about Seqex visit one of the following websites:

In Canada – Health Energies at
In Italy – Seqex in English (also available in Italian).


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