Ondamed Computer Screen

ONDAMED is a Health Canada approved Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy device. Two simultaneous frequencies can be applied at the same time through a variety of applicators. The device uses a sequence of eight programs and the frequencies your body needs can be determine using biofeedback of your pulse.  This technology requires a trained professional  when using the biofeedback mode.

I had some personal experience with ONDAMED.  I went for training in New York with Silvia Binder N.D., Ph.D. on how to use ONDAMED and–at the time–I was not feeling well.  I had recently undergone triple bypass open heart surgery and was suffering from fluid around my left lung, known as pleural effusion, and this seemed to be getting worse.  Silvia asked if she could treat me with ONDAMED and I agreed.  I had  a 20-minute treatment on two consecutive days and after the second treatment I could take a deep breath for the first time in months.  A few weeks later I had  a scan of my lungs that showed that the pleural effusion had decreased significantly to the point that the radiologist thought I had undergone thoracocentesis (i.e. drainage).  Below are my x-rays.

This research is published and available for a free download here.

Havas, M.  2017.  Case Study: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy Relieves Pleural Effusion Following Open Heart SurgeryJournal of Complementary Medicine & Alternative Healthcare 2(3): 2 pp.


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