Sanza PEMF Therapy with Helmholtz Coil, Laser Probes and Frequency Chips

Sanza PEMF therapy comes from Germany and unlike other PEMF devices that consist of a mat (full body treatment) and a pad (localized treatment), Sanza also comes with a  Helmholtz coil, a wand with laser function and bio-frequency therapy (hand electrodes and chips) for treating microbes (similar to Rife Frequencies). It is one of the most versatile PEMF devices available.  Helmholtz coils are two electromagnetic coils that are placed close together and work in unison.  They can be placed around a knee or other joint that is inflamed and painful to help alleviate pain and improve circulation.  The laser wand can be used for highly focused treatments (for example, on teeth, on the ears using the Morelli points) and the bio-frequency chips can be used to reduce harmful microbes in the body.

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