Centurion PEMF coil

This is a Health Canada approved pulsed magnetic field therapy device that is used to reduce inflammation, promote microcirculation and reduce pain.  The EZY system consists of a wide ring that fits around the body and a controller that sets the time (20 to 60 minute treatments) and frequency (2, 8, 15, and 30 Hz).  Immediately after a sprain, for example, 2 Hz is ideal (similar to a cold pack) to reduce swelling.  This can be followed by higher frequencies (warm pack) to promote circulation the following days until the tissue heals.  PEMF therapy will accelerate considerably the rate of healing of acute injuries.  The Centurion EZY System is ideal for athletes after a strenuous practice or before competition, those suffering from chronic pain and/or inflammation, and for elderly pets or pets with injuries.  It has been used to treat racing horses for decades.

We tested the EZY System in a pilot study on people with arthritis. Although the number of subjects was small, some responded quickly to the PEMF therapy and had improved motion and reduced pain after just one treatment.

That paper is available for free.   Shaw, Symington & Havas.  2017.  Pilot Study: Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) Alleviates Symptoms of Osteoarthritis 1(5): 555-571.  

A 4-minute video is available on how to use the EZY system.
For more information visit:  www.centurionsystems.com .

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