Microwave Meter

The “Acousticom 2” radio frequency (RF) detector (in photo above) is used to detect radio frequency and microwave radiation from wireless devices.  It has a range from 200 MH to 8 GHz and emits a sound and visually shows the levels of exposure.  This is the meter I recommend for those who want to know if  they are exposed to RFR in their environment.  It is relatively inexpensive, highly sensitive, and portable.  It will measure cordless phones, cell phones, cell phone towers, smart meters, smart appliances, Wi-Fi, wireless video games, wireless baby monitor, Tetra emissions, wireless burglar alarms, radar, etc.  This meter comes from the UK and can be purchased from various locations including Amazon.

SAFE & SOUND RF Detector

Another, very similar meter that fits in your pocket and costs about $200, called “Safe and Sound“, is available from Safe Living Technologies in Canada.


The two websites below, have a large range of meters and shielding technology and the people working at these companies are very knowledgeable.
Canada – www.slt.co. (Safe Living Technologies)
U.S.A. – www.lessemf.com

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