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The ROSE Lab is not open to the pubic but we are always looking to learn about new” Subtle Energy” devices that come onto the market, especially if they are Health Canada approved.

Due to the large number of emails I receive daily, it is not possible for me to reply to all individual requests for information and help.  I give top priority to the media for interviews and/or information although I do try to answer as many emails as possible from other sources especially medical doctors.

If you are not affiliated with the media and have questions please do a keyword search of my website ( for harmful effects of electrosmog and for the beneficial effects of frequency therapies) and view my videos (

Phone: 705 748-1011 ext 7882 (leave a message as I am now retired and access my phone messages only a few times a week).

Website (harmful effects of electrosmog):
Website (beneficial effects of electrotherapy):