Auricular ChromoTherapy (ACT) Training

Instructor:  Sheena Symington, [email protected] 

If you are a health care provider and have patients who suffer from PTSD, trauma, anxiety, panic attacks… you may want to take this course.

Auricular Chromotherapy is a trauma treatment that uses light on the acupuncture points of the ear.  The acupuncture points used in this treatment are associated with both limbic system and memory.  This method of trauma treatment is simple and non-invasive and does not require the patient to speak about the trauma.  A 93% success rate in eliminating trauma has been documented in the scientific literature after one session using this method.  During this short 12-hour course you will learn how to apply the auricular chromotherapy method of trauma treatment and learn how to incorporate it into your healthcare practice.

Recommended Reading:

Auricular Chromotherapy in the Treatment of Psychologic Trauma, Phobias and Panic Disorder.  A.M. Yoshizumi, D.G. Asis, F. A. Luz, Medical Acupuncture, 2018, June 1, 30(3): 151-154.

Learning Outcomes/ Objective/Goals/ Expectations:

By the end of the course a successful student should have a good understanding of the following …

  1. Equipment required for Auricular Chromo Therapy
  2. How to treat trauma/anxiety in adults with Auricular Chromo Therapy
  3. How to treat trauma/anxiety in children with Auricular Chromo Therapy
  4. How to incorporate this method of treatment in your practice
  5. Practical experience using Auricular Chromo Therapy, as participants are asked to practice this technique and share their experiences with the class.
Course Format Online via ZOOM:
  • 2-hour workshops, twice weekly for 3 weeks [12 hours]; held several times each year

Each class will begin with a lecture followed by Q&A.  Course is interactive with polling questions and activities/assignments required either during class or between classes.

Schedule (2024):
Post-course Options:
  1. Students are welcome to join the monthly ACT working group, which consists of health care providers who use ACT in their practice.This is a post-course option available at no additional cost to further your learning experience.
  2. Option to participate in research.
  3. Option to be listed as an ACT Practitioner.To be on the practitioner list you will have to treat a minimum number of patients and provide client references.

Unanimous 5 STAR rating and, by the end of the course, all practitioners felt comfortable using ACT to treat patients with trauma.

“Both my clients and my own personal experience has been incredible with lasting results thank you so much.”

“Taking this course was an absolute must for me to be able to bring the peace and potential of healing that I had experienced myself to literally everyone in my reach. The outcomes already have been life changing and frankly unbelievable if I hadn’t experienced it with my own eyes, ears and hands! I can’t wait to have so many people’s lives changed with this and can’t wait to have it accessible to many more practitioners to get it out there! Thank you for your expertise, your gentleness and your fantastic heart to bring this technique to as many people as possible. It truly is a gift!”

“Would highly recommend, have already done so. I think there needs to be an army of teachers to get this word out. I am absolutely willing and able to be a part of that in the future.”

For More Information and to Register, please Contact:

Sheena Symington at [email protected];
Course limited  to 20 students; cost $500 USD