Microwave Meter

The “Acousticom 2” radio frequency (RF) detector (in photo above) is used to detect radio frequency and microwave radiation from wireless devices.  It has a range from 200 MH to 8 GHz and emits a sound and visually shows the levels of exposure.  This is the meter I recommend for those who want to know […]

Stunted plant growth

In this photograph, the peas on the left were exposed to microwave radiation from a Wi-Fi base station that was placed close to the plants in a shielded room.  The control peas on the right were grown in a low EMR (electromagnetic radiation) room and grew naturally. The exposed peas had stunted roots and stunted […]

Hyper-photon 3D

This device is used for photon therapy.  Red LEDs and Infrared laser diodes can be modulated at various frequencies. It is manufactured by Medical Electronics in Germany.  This light is used to promote circulation, increase dilation of blood vessels, reduce inflammation and thus reduce pain as weak as promote healing of soft tissue injury.

Sensosphere Light

This light device is manufactured by Sensora and is used for color therapy .  The sphere can change colours by placing your hands close to the device and it can also modulate to the music.  It enhances the mood in any room and can also be used therapeutically to promote healing. Light Bee: One device […]

Airnergy Water Energizer

This device is manufactured in Germany and is used to add blue light photons to water which is vaporized and then inhaled.  The aim is for better oxygen metabolism.

Nikon Compound Microscope

This microscope is used to film tiny objects including live blood.  It has dark field objectives as well as interference contrast to give the best image possible.  Attached to the microscope is a Sony high definition video camera.  Objects can be viewed through the viewfinder and also on the large screen TV in the lab.

Bee study

Pictured is our mobile research Airstream station and bee hives in the farmer’s field.

WiFi transmitter

A cordless phone, Wi-Fi transmitter and a wireless baby monitor are used to test if bees are affected by microwave radiation. When the devices were turned on, the bees slowed down and looked lethargic and  disoriented. When the radiation was turned off, the bees flew out of the hive and began to swarm.  They became […]

Measuring microwaves

A gigahertz meter is used to measure the intensity of the microwaves that are being emitted by the portable phone base station. This is a fairly expensive meter and is ideal for research.  It is available at www.slt.co in Ontario, Canada.

Infrared Sauna

Far infrared light are used in this sauna to promote microcirculation and elimination of waste products.  This sauna was custom built by Sauna Ray in Collingwood, Ontario.  It is a low-EMF sauna and can be used by people who have both electrical and chemical sensitivities.  Saunas are a good way to detoxify the body although […]