Diagnostic Workstation

An Electro–Interstitial Scan (EIS) is a medical device that sends tiny micro-currrents through your body and then measures the impedence or resistance to current flow of your cells.  The current flows through the interstitial fluid bathing your cells and hence is measuring the cell environment.  Your test results are then compared to thousands of other test […]

Video Studio

The room adjacent to the lab is used as a studio and is ideal for small group gatherings.

Healthy Plants

These seedlings were grown in an EMF–free environment  and show normal growth.

Seqex Med

Seqex is manufactured in Italy and is licenced by Health Canada to treat inflammation, increase microcirculation  and reduce pain.  Seqex differs from other PEMF devices in that the Med model determines through impedance what frequencies your body requires.   In this regard it is similar to ONDAMED although the determination is done by the technology […]


BEMER PEMF is manufactured in Liechtenstein and it is well known for increasing blood circulation.  It is used by athletes to enhance performance and to promote recovery after a strenuous workout.  Those with chronic poor circulation can also benefit from this technology. For more information about BEMER, visit their website:  https://www.bemer.ag/en (English), also available in German […]

Rhumart PEMF

Rhumart is one of the very first PEMF machines that was manufactured in Canada.  Dr. Roland Drolet is the inventor of this technology that was designed to help people suffering originally from rheumatism and arthritis, hence the name Rhumart.  Like many of the other PEMF technologies available, it increases circulation and reduces inflammation and thus […]

Sanza PEMF Therapy with Helmholtz Coil, Laser Probes and Frequency Chips

Sanza PEMF therapy comes from Germany and unlike other PEMF devices that consist of a mat (full body treatment) and a pad (localized treatment), Sanza also comes with a  Helmholtz coil, a wand with laser function and bio-frequency therapy (hand electrodes and chips) for treating microbes (similar to Rife Frequencies). It is one of the […]

Rose Lab

This is the main room where Dr Magda Havas carries out her research. She is sitting in front of a Nikon dark field microscope that is equipped with a high definition Sony video camera.

Laser Light

The Sanza probe includes a laser light and an electromagnetic coil that can be pulsed.

Honey in Bee Hive

The photograph above shows bees swarming from a hive exposed to microwave radiation (Wi-Fi router, cordless phone, wireless baby monitor) as soon as the radiation was turned off.  Nearby hives not exposed to the radiation did not behave in this manner. Honey bees are suffering from CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) that has been attributed to […]